Great New Year Deal! 
I am not a women's clothing seller so I decided to list all my designer consigned items like this. You will get a great deal! Most of these brands are Los Angeles based fashion brands. MSRP's range from $10 to $280 with most of the items worth around $20.

Each quantity is one item chosen randomly. There are all types of clothing from jackets to pants and dresses to crop tops. Item condition varies from salvage to Brand new. Most are used in very good condition. The most common problem is just needing to be washed or ironed. No sizes are guaranteed.

We ship the minute you buy. There are 2 shoes available and 2 hats available at a first come first serve. 

Because items may not be in great condition, items are sold as is!! Returns may not be opened as damaged. 

If you are interested in buying the rest of the clothes listed on this listing, message us for a even better discount. Please message us with any questions or concerns.